A CNC Machining Company 
That does it all

At MZ CNC Inc. we are a CNC machining company that does it all, from sketch to final part.  We will handle all the leg work including material supply, all necessary machining operations as well as every needed outside service.  In order to supplement our in house CNC Turning and CNC Milling capabilities we have added a Honing Department to provide precision honed parts. In addition we have developed a network of trusted local Machine Shops, Welding Shops, Grinding Shops, EDM Shops, Gear Cutting Shops and others.  We also work closely with Heat Treaters, Platers, Balancers, Inspectors and many others to provide a complete to print part.  

In-house Capabilities:  

  • CNC Turning from small bushings 1/2" diameter up to large flanges 20" diameter, and shafts up to 55" long. 
  • CNC Milling 20"x20"x40" Long.
  • Honing Shop- Honing parts from .125" ID up to 24" ID up to 154" long.  
  • GearBox Repair   custom gearbox manufacturing.
  • Shaft Machining     shafts of all sizes from 1/2" up to 20" and 200" long

Vendor Network:

  • Large Machining
  • Gundrill
  • EDM
  • Grinding
  • Gear Cutting
  • Welding
  • Heat Treating
  • Inspection
  • Plating
  • Balancing

"AT MZ CNC Machining Company we Do all the leg work"

As soon as your RFQ comes into our system we develop a step by step process for each individual part.  In this process we include material supply, each in house machining operation and any outside service.  We keep a time-frame of each operation and stick to it in order to provide your parts on time.  As a service to our customers we are constantly evaluating our vendor network for best price and reliability, if one our vendors cannot meet their obligations we will find another one.  We take responsibility for the parts that you order and guarantee satisfaction in quality and service. 

Over the years we have developed standard machining procedures and custom tools for many different types of parts. If your part fits one of our procedures we are able to save you money on programming and set-up.  A few of our procedures include precision shaft machining, polished plastic flow parts machining,  Blown Film Die machining, bearing housing machining, honed tube machining, and others,  If your part type is new and recurring we will develop a new machining procedure and save you money on future parts.  

Please check out our Part Gallery and if you have a machining need please Request a Quotation. 

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