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Martin Z CNC Inc. is a provider of the highest quality CNC Machining.  We use our knowledge and experience to bring you high quality CNC parts for a fair price.  Our core business philosophy is Quality Parts--Delivered on Time--at a Fair Price.  We take on many different projects and do not shy away from a challenge.  

"High Quality Parts--Delivered on Time--AT A FAIR PRICE"

Our advantage is the variety of different parts that we deliver to our satisfied customers.  Using the most advanced technology and techniques we are able to deliver parts faster but never sacrificing quality.  With the use of our Online Machine Shop we process requests from all over the world.  At our shop in New Jersey we turn the requests into parts.  Specializing in all types of Milling Machining and in precision CNC Turned Components.  

Complete GearBox Repair Service

We are machining problem solvers and can guarantee that we can find the right solution for all your machining needs.  As a total Machine Shop we work in most type of materials including Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel, Plastics, Cast Iron, Inconel, Hastalloy, Titanium and many others. We are able to provide the material and any necessary outside service such as Heat Treating, Plating, Grinding, Honing and EDM and any you would require.  

"High Quality CNC Machining"

In order to provide the best service we strive to Say What We Do and Do What We Say.  We strive to constantly improve our quality and service to become a valued component in your supply chain.  Let us take your headaches and over deliver on your expectations.  We guarantee excellence in our parts and our customer service.   

Please take a look at our Part Gallery and all of our Capabilities.  If you have CNC Machining need we will be happy to provide a prompt quotation of our best offer.

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